Nature wants dart’s affiliation with sporting bodies


Local Dart Club, Nature says it wants dart sports to be recognised and be part of national sporting federations in the country.

This was highlighted at the closing of Independence Dart Competition by Nature Dart Club recently.

Interim Committee Chair, Richard Raomae says dart has grown to gaining momentum in the country and is no exception should be recognised and made affiliate to sporting federations in the country.

“Dart is gaining popularity and most veteran players are still around as well as more young people indicating a lot of interest in the game.”

He says Nature’s deepest concern as one of the renown dart clubs in the country is to promote and nurture the interest of dart, so that one day it can become a national sport affiliated to other sporting federations.

There is no exception for dart as a sport in this regard, where players or clubs can represent Solomon Islands in regional and international tournaments like any other sports in the country, says Raomae.

“As such, we highly recommend that a dart body be formulated to do more discussion on how best we can carry dart as a sports into the next level.”

He added thanking all participating dart clubs in the Independence Dart Competition for the tremendous efforts displayed in all their matches played leading up to the finals.

“You all have displayed true sportsmanship in dart, unlucky for some and a happy ending for some; we hope you can do better in the tournaments to come.

“We also would like to congratulate certain individuals who won consolation prizes; you have demonstrated how best you are in playing darts, well done.”

Mr Raomae also thanks Solomon Forest Association as major sponsors including the venue owners for their support in making the Independence Dart competition a successful one.

He then reiterated Nature Dart Club’s willingness to partake in any moves to ensure dart as a national sport is carried to the next level, and will push hard to see that happen.

“Nature is keen to see dart as a national sports be recognised with a body on its own affiliate with all sporting bodies in the country.

“This is one of its priorities and will ensure to making sure this is achieved through the rightful channel.”

Winning teams

First prize – Real Coastal, trophy plus $7,000

Second prize (first runner-up) – Borderline Rats, trophy plus $5,000

Third prize (second runner-up) – Nature 1, trophy plus $3,000

Fourth prize (third runner-up) – Life Miners $2,000