Moves to phase out exam classes

MEHRD PS Dr Franco Rodie

GOVERNMENT through the Ministry of Education Human and Resources Development is reviewing its policy to do away with some examination classes.
This is expected to come into effect by 2020.
The two classes are the grade 6 at the primary level which is the Solomon Island entrance examination and the Solomon Islands school certificate at the form 3 secondary level.
This was revealed by the MEHRD permanent Secretary Dr Franco Rodie.
He said that this should have done in 2015 but due to some policy issues especially with the premier or church run schools, it was not happened as proposed.
Dr Rodie added the major challenge they face and have to postpone it to 2020 is because of the fact that the Ministry needs to create more space at the senior secondary level if they are to phase out the two streams.

“We are reviewing our policy to make sure to create more school spaces for this happen as proposed for 2020.
“What we see is that the drop out transition rate for grade six and form 3 is 100% and 74% respectively, which means lots of drop outs every year.”

The first level to do away with by 2020 is the grade six, and later forms 3 level.