More suspects arrested by Police, awaits court appearance


RSIPF over the past weeks made a number of significant  arrests to people who allegedly involved in various criminal incidents.

This was confirmed by the Police Deputy Commissioner Operations, Gabriel Manelusi in a weekly Police media conference, yesterday.

He said on the burning incident of several houses near Maoro village in Central Kwara’ae, Malaita Province on the 1st of August, the 20 men that were allegedly involved in the incident and arrested have been released on bail on holding unlawful assembly and will reappear in court on the 23rd August in Auki.

He said investigation into the matter is ongoing and probably additional charges will be laid against them.

In another incident, Auki Police together with Fisheries Officers executed a search warrant at a Chinese property (warehouse) in Auki and confiscated about 50kg bags of bech-de-mer this week.

“It is believed the businessman (Chinese) has been buying the bech-de-mer from a local fisherman for export.

“The businessman is currently under police custody assisting the Police and the Fisheries on their investigation,” he said.

The Deputy Commissioner added that Taro Police in Choiseul Province arrested a suspect in connection with alleged burning of a logging truck with damage estimate of $500,000 at a logging camp in South Choiseul on Thursday 3rd August 2017.

“The suspect has been escorted to Gizo Monday this week for remand. The suspect will be remanded in custody until Monday 22nd August 2017.

“In Western Province, Police conduct an early morning raid on Monday this week and arrested a male suspect for allege possession of firearm. The firearm is believe to be a skeleton barrel of a WWII 303 rifle with no cocking handle, no bat with a magazine without an ammunition.

“The suspect has been charge with the illegal possession of firearm and will appear in court on 14th August of a charge of illegal possession of firearm,” Mr Manesuli said.

 Meanwhile, Mr Manelusi said the operations over the past week have been successful because of the cooperation and support of the members of the community.

“Without members of the community consent, police work would be challenging.”

While commending the community members for their support to Police, Mr Manelusi said policing in the country is not a matter for the police, it’s everyone business.

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