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Our Mission

As the world tends to heavily depend on digital media to stay actively informed on a daily basis, this trend is impacting heavily on Solomon Islanders as well with the ‘communication boom’ brought about by rigorous communication competition which prompted the widespread use of cell phones where people use to access news and information across the country anytime anywhere.
As news and information remain accessible only at the tip of people’s fingers, newspapers are harshly struggling to stay afloat.
In recent years, a good number of large newspaper companies overseas were forced to either lay-off workers or close down due to more and more people resorting to online news and digital media to stay informed.
Given the current trend in the country where more and more people are using cell phones to access news and information either on Facebook or other online media sources, it is truly fitting that an e-newspaper is created where fresh information such as press releases and news are uploaded on hourly basis rather than having to wait for the newspapers the next day.
This is no doubt the very effective media platform that will not only inform people promptly but will help business men and women, leaders and ordinary people, to make quick and informed decisions.
As such, our mission is to ensure news and information reaches people in a timely manner. In terms of reach, anyone anywhere in and outside of the country can read fresh news on our website every day.
We strive to deliver fresh and captivating content which informs, inspires and entertains Solomon Islanders, by reaching far with interactions and engaging audiences and readers in discussions.

Our Vision

To be recognized as Solomon Islands leading and most trusted Online News Service, reaching people no matter who or where they are.
We strive to grow this network to as many Solomon Islanders as possible living in and outside of the country.

Our Values

We strive to maintain credibility through impartial, accurate and balance reporting.
Integrity and respect guide our conduct internally and externally
We strive for excellence in everything we do.

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