Ministry launches new website


THE Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology launched its new website at the Iron Bottom Sound (IBS) Hotel in Honiara yesterday morning.
The site is
United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) funded the initiativeunder its institutional strengthening project through the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorological Capacity Development Project (SIMCAP)
“This initiative are line with MECDM’s Corporate Plan and represent significant milestones in my ministry’s strive to transform and deliver effectively on our mandates,” Minister responsible Samuel Manetoali said.
He said the website will extend the ministry’s reach to their stakeholders and the members of the public.
“For example, it will be more convenient for the public and students to access our products and services without having to physically travel to our office locations.
“With a website, our programmes and activities will be visible and made more transparent, not only to our local people but also stakeholders overseas,” Mr Manetoali said.
He said as part of their overall communication endeavour, having a functioning website will also increase public awareness about the work of the ministry.
Mr Manetoaliurged his responsible staff to ensure that the website is maintained and updated on regular basis in terms of its content.
“More importantly I invite our stakeholders and members of the public to utilise the website and also provide your feedback,” he said.
Meanwhile, Deltina Solomon, Environment Programme Assistant representative of the UNDP Pacific Solomon Islands Office said:

“UNDP is committed to its partnership with the Ministry of Environment to improve MECDM functional and technical capacities including planning, monitoring, evaluating and coordinating to deliver its mandates.
“The official launching of this website today is a great achievement for the Ministry and very important as it will improve MECDM information sharing to its local and international key stakeholders or in other words the Ministry will become visible to the global community.”

Ms Solomon added that the website will also promote information transparency and will raise public awareness on how the Ministry manage its natural resources and surrounding environment.
Mr Manetoali also thanked the UNDP for its connection, support and valuable on-going partnership with his ministry.
The website is developed by Novus,a local IT company providing website design and development services.