Manelusi lauds RSIPF Officers for professionalism, public for serenity

Gabriel Manelusi Photo credit: SIBC

Deputy Police Commissioner Operations, Gabriel Manelusi has highly commended the RSIPF Officers for the dedication and Professionalism offered and members of the public for patience and support during the event of the G75 Anniversary that ended on Wednesday.

The G75 known as the ‘Battle of Guadalcanal 75 Anniversary’ started on Saturday 5th and ended successfully on Wednesday 9th August 2017.

Commending his Officers, Manelusi said the dedication and professionalism demonstrated by the Officers during the course of the event has resulted in the success of the event.

“The G75 operation has been a successful one. There are no major disturbances or issue reported during the period,” Mr Manelusi said.

“I believe the visitors are moving around to the various venues in and around the city and for this I would like to commend members of the public for their patience while the vehicles move around the city especially when roads are temporary close at that time.

“I also wish to thank my officers who were involved in the G75 operation for their dedication and professionalism in carrying out their duties especially at the various venues during the general visibility and patrols around the city and so forth.

“I hope visitors from both USA, New Zealand , Australia and Japan had move freely in the city and found some fond memories of Solomon Islands.

“There are no major issue of disturbances during the G75 operation but Police in the city are continued to attend to normal crime.

“One of the normal crime as already reported in the media is Honiara City Police are currently investigating allegations of incident which occurred at one of the night club in the city last Friday involving the assault of two NZ Naval officers.

“And also the raid at Lio Ridge in East Honiara which resulted in the confiscation of 2000ltrs of Kwaso with a street value at $100,000 and the arrest of four suspects including two women,” he said.

He said the suspects are now waiting to appear in court.

On the traffic incident, he said six careless driving incidents were recorded which involved vehicles to vehicles and also persons of alcohol in the person’s blood.

Police record no injuries on our roads during the past weeks.

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