Makira police re-activates police patrol beats


The RSIPF officers in Kirakira, Makira Province have reactivated township beat patrols with encouraging responses from members of the public as well as among the police officers themselves.

“This initiative to re-activate the beat patrols within the Kirakira township was taken as part of the discipline and duty obligation of police officers, especially the front line officers, to members of the public. RSIPF serves the public and so we must be seen by the public,” said RSIPF Provincial Police Commander, Makira Ulawa Province, Superintendent, Peter Sitai.

“Already some members of the public in Kirakira have welcomed this initiative especially the elderly and women after it was launched on 10 July. Most of them feel that their security is guaranteed as someone is there ready to assist them should they need help,” said PPC Sitai

Superintendent Sitai added: “Even my own officers including the police probationers have appreciated the initiative as it encourages them to practice foot drills and to be smartly dressed all the time.”

PPC Sitai encourages members of the public in the Kirakira township to approach the police officers when they are on beat patrol and report any information that might assist in maintaining law and order within the township.

Each eight-hour shift is expected to perform a minimum of four planned beat patrols. At the end of the eight-hours, a report is produced including what happened during the beat patrols.

  • RSIPF Media