Flour milling machine sandwiched man to death


A man believed to be in his 40s was shredded to death while cleaning a flour mill mixture machine at a factory in Honiara, Ranadi area.

The unfortunate incident occurred today morning at the Fielders Flour Mill factory opposite the Water Front night Club, East Honiara.

Reports reaching Solomon Fresh-beat online says the deceased who is an employee of the company (Fielders Delite Flour Mill) with his other three colleagues were doing the cleaning up of the mixture machine when somebody suddenly switched it on without their knowledge that resulted in the shocking incident.

SFB Online sources says the machine was turned off when the pairs were busy doing the cleaning up.

“The decease went into the machine and sit on the top floor-first layer of the instrument and doing the cleaning up while his other workmate are busy with their cleaning just at the second floor-layer below him.

“It was at that time that somebody turned on the device that pulled him (deceased) into the machine, held and crushed the man to his death,” sources confirmed to SFB online.

His other co-workers can’t do much since the on/off switch was far below where they are siting.

The decease body is now at the National Referral Hospital. He (deceased) is from Malaita Province.

Meanwhile, in a media statement today, Police says Naha Police Station Officers in East Honiara are investigating the death.

“It is alleged the deceased died inside the factory. Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of the person,” the statement says.

Supervising Assistant Commissioner (AC) National Capital and Crime Prevention, Superintendent Patricia Leta says,” As the Supervising Assistant Commissioner responsible, I would like to appeal to relatives of the deceased to allow police to investigate the matter and not to take the law into their own hands, by confronting the factory management or any individuals.”

The RSIPF extend its sympathy and condolences with the family and relatives of the deceased.