Honiara public advised to watch out for diversion of traffic

A Police Officer controlling traffic in Honiara. Photo: RSIPF

Members of the public in Honiara including drivers and pedestrians have been advised to watch out for possible diversion of traffic on some of the roads in the center of the city as Police mount a major operation for the election of a new Prime Minister on Wednesday this week.

Director of the RSIPF Traffic Department located at the Kukum Police Station in East Honiara Inspector Brian Surimalefo explains: “We want to advise drivers and also pedestrians in Honiara to watch out for Traffic Officers who will be deployed on the roads especially in the center of the city and follow whatever instructions that will be given by the officers.”

“Police appeals to members of the public to be patient on our roads as these temporary changes are carried out to ensure law and order is maintained during the election of a new Prime Minister,” says Inspector Surimalefo.

The Police Operation for the election of the Prime Minister will start on Tuesday 14 November and end on Friday 17 November 2017. It will involve several hundred officers from both Honiara City, Guadalcanal Province and the Rove Police Headquarters representing the various operational departments within the RSIPF.

“Police want to appeal to the good citizens of Honiara to remain calm as the country’s national politicians follow the constitutional process in electing a new Prime Minister for the country. I ask members of the public to cooperate and not to disrupt the process with any unlawful activities. Let us accept whatever the outcome of the process will be,” says Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, National Operations, Gwen Ratu, who will be overall Operation Commander for the “Election of Prime Minister” police operation.

Deputy Commissioner, Gwen Ratu warns: “Police will deal sternly with any group or individual who will try to capitalize on the current political situation to disturb the peace within our communities.”