New volunteer here to support


The Solomon Islands hockey Federation (SIFH) has welcomed a young Australian volunteer who will be helping them further enhance the sport in the country.
Julian Brazier told Star Sports yesterday that he was very excited to come and offer his knowledge with SIHF.
“I am planning of doing a volunteer work with SIHF and hopefully I can like make a bit of difference here in Honiara,’’ he said.
The 17 year old lad has vast experience in playing hockey in various competitions in Australia and he believes his experience will be very helpful to take hockey in the country to a new height.
“I played hockey for 7 years now,’’ he said.
“I played a lot in Canberra with clubs and also helped out with state teams.’’
“Hopefully that experiences can help out Solomon Islands hockey develop.’’
Brazier added that he will be helping SIHF out for six months.
When asked why did he chose to come and assist SIHF, Brazier said hockey is his favourite sport therefore he decided to offer his assistance while he is here in the country.
“I really like hockey, it’s like one of my favourite sports and I thought I’ll manage to do something with my experience while here for the next six months.’’
Meanwhile, SIHF president NihalSeneviratne said, Brazier engagement will definitely boost hockey in the country.
“I think we are heading in right direction to engage Brazier for the next six months.
“Therefore I would like to warmly welcome him to hockey community in the country.’’
He also stressed, this is just the beginning of their development plans adding they are pursuing more of such arrangement in the coming months.