Forau awarded PhD from UNSW


Wednesday this week.
Twelve students were awarded PhDs.
Luke Forau a Solomon Islander from the island of Tikopia in Temotu Province was one of them.
Luke started his education journey from his home village.
He did his secondary education initially at Luesalemba Provincial Secondary School and later Waimapuru National Secondary School.
He went to Fiji under a Solomon Islands Government Scholarship to do a degree in Economics at the University of the South Pacific (USP).

luke_forau_familyAfter completing undergraduate studies at USP, Luke returned to the Solomon Islands and taught at Su’u National Secondary School for two years.
He then joined the Central Bank where he progressed to a senior managerial position.
In 2008 Luke was sponsored by the Central Bank to undertake further studies at the Australian National University (ANU).
He graduated with a Masters in Economics from ANU – one of Australia’s prestigious universities.
Luke received an Australian Leadership Award Scholarship to do a PhD at UNSW in 2012.
He went through a process of academic research and writing focusing on the nexus between peace and economics in Solomon Islands.
With the guidance of Professor Satish Chand, his primary supervisor, Luke successfully produced a PhD thesis of a higher academic quality.
Congratulations Dr. Luke Forau for such well deserved achievement! – Source: Joe Foukona