East Choiseul’s housing scheme


EVERYONE needs a good home to live, to feelsecure, to be nurtured, and to be loved,says constituency development officer for North East Choiseul Constituency, Leslie Galo.
Whilst the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) is a widely debated fund, with some blaming it as one of the sources of political corruption, North East Choiseulhas seenit as manner from heaven.
The constituency,who’s elected MP is Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, has this year completed its housing scheme, which saw 1,400 permanent homes built within the constituency.
“The housing scheme was funded through the CDF since 2007 up until this year,” Mr Galo explained.
The housing scheme for North East Choiseul was started in 2007 with only 50 permanent homes. The following years, they have built from 100-250 houses every year.
Mr Galo said that with the completion of the housing scheme this year, they also completed their constituency’s Administration Development Center atKumanibae.
“We started off with only 50 permanent homes back then, but we slowly increase the number of houses built each year to align with the UN Millennium Development Goals for better living in rural life.
“We are happy that the completion of our housing scheme which was started back in 2007 has set our communities on another development level.
“We have this year scale down our activities on housingso that we can focus on other development activities.”
Mr Galo said that along with the housing scheme, the CDF has been supporting community infrastructure development, solar energy for newly built homes, and support for schools, farming activities and, health infrastructures as well as water supply and sanitation projects within the constituency.
“Supporting women’s group is also one of our main priorities.”
He added that with the newly built office, it will accommodate all development activities for their constituency.
“Under our development structure, we have a committee where its chairperson oversees our development activities.
“He worked along with the CDO and the MP to make sure projects reached their intended beneficiaries.
“In that way, misappropriation of funds is avoided.
“All these achievements were mainly done during the leadership of the current prime minister and our MP Manasseh Sogavare.
“Approved projects have to come through this office before disbursement is made to intended recipients.”
Mr Galo also said that whilst the people are enjoying their newly built permanent homes, they need to take ownership of them by improving their living standards.
Prime Minister Sogavareis one of the longest serving MPs.

North East Choiseul Admin office
North East Choiseul Admin office