Domestic violence is everyone’s business: Prendergast


DOMESTIC Violence is everyone’s business and no one should be silent about this crime when it happens in their neighbourhood or community.
This was the statement of Police Commissioner Frank Prendergast during a press conference in Honiara Friday last week.
Mr Prendergast said police effort to educate rural communities about domestic violence and how the Family Protection Act (FPA) works is still not effective.
However, he said his officers are committed to ensure all communities are informed about this issue.
The Commissioner also encouraged communities, chiefs, women’s groups, youths and churches to help address this issue.

“Everyone must work together to address domestic violence and not to rely only on police and the Ministry of Women, Youth and Family Affairs to deal with this,” – Mr Prendergest said.

He said people must change the way they think of this problem and come out and report domestic violence, so that police can intervene to protect victims and punish offenders.
“Whether the victim is your sister, mother or daughter you must report it to the police so that we work together as a community to address such problem,” the Commissioner said.