DAP members go on Island re-treat

Prime Minister Rick Hou.

The Democratic Alliance Party Interim Executive Committee, successfully completed its retreat over the week end at Sun Set Lodge, Savo in the Central Islands Province. The 10 member team left Honiara on Friday after its parliamentary members concluded their parliamentary business with the adjournment of Parliament to the 28th of this month.

The retreat is an important agenda on the Party’s calendar for this year 2017.

The Parliamentary Wing Leader of the Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) and Chairman of the Interim Executive Committee Hon. Rick Hou says in a statement from DAP that the retreat is a time for committee members to spend together to prepare for the DAP’s National Convention scheduled for 25th March 2017.

“As you are aware all political parties have been notified by the Political Parties Commission that as part of the political parties development activities, they have to conduct their National Convention as required under law.

“Therefore we are here to prepare for the DAPs upcoming National Convention” the South Malaita MP says.

He says as a responsible party, DAP will endeavor to comply with any regulatory requirements imposed upon political parties by the Commission from time to time.

Hon Rick Hou also reminded his Committee members of their mandate and responsibilities as set out in the TOR.

“Part of this TOR is for us to review the Party Constitution and make recommendations to the National Convention. I am very hopeful that we will complete this important task before we head back to Honiara.”

A total of 28 resolutions covering amendments to the current DAP constitution and other administrative matters of the Party were concluded.

The Committee resolved that these 28 resolutions will be put to the National Convention for further debate and their adoption.

The party’s wing leader thanked members for taking the time away from their homes in Honiara to actively participate in the proceedings of the retreat.

“This is a national undertaking that is not only important but also very crucial for the political development of our nation.”

He adds that institutions such as the political parties are very important structures for the long development of the country.

“… we the elected leaders have the responsibility to support and provide guidance to such developments ”

Leader of Opposition, Hon Jeremiah Manele and the rest of the Members of Parliament who attended the retreat shared similar sentiments.

They agreed that the stability of political parties is so crucial to the political stability of Solomon Islands.

Members of the party re-affirmed their support and commitment to the development of DAP and will continue to be loyal to the party and its principles and values.