Country to experience more rainfall

Satellite image from JMA Himawari

The country will continue to experience more heavy rains in the next couple of days.

Solomon Fresh Beat Online was informed that the rain will be around and active today which means periods of rain still expected during the day.

Information received from the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service this morning says, a sunny weather is expected again for tomorrow as weather models are indicating some slight improvement because of the expected movement of all the rainclouds to the southern region of Solomon islands in the coming days (refer to picture – Satellite image from JMA Himawari).

The MET service said there are no significant developments at the moment but the Weather will still remain unstable this week.

Therefore, showers are expected in the afternoon or evening over the next couple of days.

Following the heavy downpour over the weekend, Honiara City and the outskirts suburbs have been submerged again.

As of yesterday evening, the traffic came to a hold up in the City’s main highway.

Poor drainage have been the cause of the flooding in the highway, as well as other suburbs like Burns Creek, Kukum Labour line, Green Valley, Tuvaruhu, Mataniko, White River and other outskirts residential areas.

This morning, students, work men and women had to fight hard to catch the buses for school and work.

The short bus route too is another issue.

Solomon Fresh Beat understands that the continuous traffic congestion has forced buses to make short routes.

Until the Japanese funded highway project is completed, Honiara city will then experience the free flow of traffic again – just like how it was fifteen years ago.

But yet, the project has been slowed down due to the continuous wet weather in Honiara and the Solomon Islands.

Meanwhile, the wet season normally ends in April so please continue to listen to the SIBC radio or online ( and other media for daily weather and marine forecast updates including other extreme weather and climate events.

SFB will also keep you posted as soon as further reports are received.