Chasing the American dreams in Majuro

Local famous music producer Baka Solomon

Local famous music producer Baka Solomon is currently in Majuro, Marshall Islands chasing the American Dream in his music career.

Solomon Fresh-Beat Online caught up with the lad of Malaita and Western Province parentage, in an exclusive interview today.

Dubbed as the ‘producer of all beats’, Masilobo Ray Jack said his current trip to the Micronesian State under the United States Territory is a producer collaboration mission.

“My mission is to help young and upcoming producers in the region and inspire them”.

“After all, music producers are the magic fellows behind every hit song around the world,” he exclusively told the SFB.

SFB also note that he also did similar trips to Papua New Guinea (PNG) to work with the CHM Super Sound in assisting uprising artists from PNG in the previous years.

But for this trip to Majuro, ‘Baka’ as he was commonly known said it is much bigger for him as a producer.

“One famous artist in Hawaii will be featured in this project”.

“I won’t tell cos we want it to be a surprise,” he said with much delight.

When asked about how long he will be staying there, he said it depends on the project.

In fact, Baka said he really liked it there.

“Well, I like it here. The people here are so friendly and also the foods here are also great,” he laughed.

He said the music in Majuro is good and they have lots of upright artist but they just need someone good to help them pull up their game (production and style of music).

“Yeah, but most of all I really like it here,” the young producer who is in his late 20’s, told the SFB.

The trip was organised by Daniel Kramer, the one that organized the Onetox summer jam tour to Majuro last year.

Meanwhile, Baka said he wanted to acknowledge God almighty for the talent given to him.

“If it wasn’t for God, I would not be who I am today,” he said.

Baka said he would like to thank his mum and dad in music Mr Martin and Rosie Matai for supporting him in every way just to see his success.

“Shout out and much love to my brothers in music, Dj Liamz , Ray, and Sean Rii.

“Lastly to my SHEFRAM, SMARS, PLUS six77 (+677), and Torn parachute family for the support and the team work spirit.

“All the credit and respect goes to this people,” he said.

Baka Solomon has been a famous figure in the regional music scene and has got followers in the Pacific region, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and the world.

He became recognised in the music scene following the success of the Rosie Delmah and Conkarah duet, a cover by the famous Adele ‘Hello’.

This is one of the hit songs that he produced, which has attracted millions of viewers on Youtube since December 2015.

Since he was made known into the local music industry, Baka Solomon also snatched a number of music awards for his productivity.

He was also the man behind the SHEFRAM Studio records, a well-known record label in the Solomon Islands and the Pacific in recent times.