Aust employers here to recruit more locals to work in farms

The two employees from Seven Fields that are currently in Honiara to carry out recruitment of labourers to work in farms in Australia.

Two employees from Seven Fields are currently in the country to carry out recruitment labourers to work in farms in Australia.

Steve Scott and Tim Byllaardt arrived on Monday and will carry out the recruitment process tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Museum Auditorium.

 They will be giving a short talk at 9am before doing their recruitment drive.

While in the country, the two also had meetings with the Labor Mobility Unit (LMU) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade and representatives from the Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The meetings were purposely for the employees to explain their recruitment process and also to give an update on the current status of SI local workers in Australia.

 Seven Fields is currently the largest employer of Solomon Islanders working in Australian farms.

They currently employ 28 Solomon Islanders who are working in their farms and are looking to recruit 40 more new workers during this recruitment drive.