Aid information management system launched

Minister of MDPAC Jeremiah Manele.

(GCU, Honiara): An improved AID Information Management System (AIMS) in Solomon Islands was launched in Honiara yesterday during the 2017 Second Joint Solomon Islands –Development Partners Dialogue.

The AIMS is a platform that the Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination (MDPAC) will use for the management of aid information.

It is expected to enhance capacity in the coordination role to better understand donor programme interventions against the National Development Strategy (NDS) objectives, including the monitoring and evaluation of progress based on the set of key performance indicators under the NDS Framework.

The AIMS will provide an integrated solution for data collection, management and reporting for MDPAC- Development Cooperation Division, and other stakeholders. It will be able to generate reports on development assistance, to assist project coordinators with the data/information of the relevant project/programs upon request and to provide evidence based information for policy decision making and programming and project design.

This initiative will strengthen the coordination arrangement for information sharing and reporting between the Solomon Islands Government and Development Partners   as stipulated in the Partnership Framework for Effective Development Cooperation.

“It will help achieve the policy objectives of the Solomon Islands Aid Management and Development Cooperation Policy launched in March 2016,” said Minister of MDPAC Jeremiah Manele when he launched the project yesterday.

Mr Manele said the improved AIMS culminated from a number of previous attempts to develop a proper data base for the implementation of government policies and strategies on aid coordination and management as well as coordination and monitoring of external resources on behalf of the Solomon Islands Government.

In March 2011, with the support from United Nations Development Program (UNDP), a Development Assistance Database (DAD) was implemented to capture data and information on all donor-funded projects in a common platform.

This was to facilitate efficient monitoring of aid flows and effective donor coordination and development planning. Although it was a comprehensive database, the cost for retaining an overseas expertise and support needed was unsustainable.

In 2013, a JICA expert attempted to support the data management by introducing an excel-based simple database as a temporary application until a permanent solution was identified.

In 2015, a study conducted by the Ministry and ICTSU recommended the development of a new Aid Coordination Database and as a result the AIMS was developed under the Ministry’s Institutional Development Programme funded by SIG.

The new system requires development partners to provide relevant data on their Aid Programmes, including financial information such as Programme estimates and expenditures for upload into the database.

The MDPAC envisages building the capability of the AIMS for development partners to directly input the data into the System.