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For effective marketing, advertise with us

Fact about advertising online
BUSINESSES thrive when they invest on promotional mediums where customers are. A new media platform has proven effective in this digital age and era. It is none other than ONLINE ADVERTISING.
In the United States, Online advertising has attracted millions of readers in recent years. Where readers are, businesses follow.
In New Zealand and Australia, large newspapers (Fairfax group) have closed doors and lay-off workers because readers and businesses are turning to online news and advertising.
In our neighbouring PNG and Fiji, Online News Services are leading over newspapers (PNG Loop, Fiji Live).
The digital wave is finally reaching our shores. Most urban dwellers including those in the provinces are accessing the 3G network thus internet even in rural areas on their phones and tablets nowadays.
This means reading newspapers is evidently diminishing and will soon become a thing of the past in this digital age and time.
Data provided by BeMobile and Our Telekom in 2016 to the International Telecommunication Union show 58,000 people are mobile phone users, 46% of them internet users.
This is overwhelming evidence compared to the 3000 circulation produced daily by newspapers to only town residence.
Solomon Fresh-Beat Online is the first and a new Online News Service here in the Solomon Islands that has attracted mass readership in recent times.
This is where the future of effective media and advertising rests for the Solomon Islands.
An increasing number of Solomon Islanders both in and outside of the country have been following and reading fresh news via our online news service on a daily basis.
Solomon Fresh-Beat had so far established a heavy traffic and mass following of over 8000 members.
Yesterday is gone. News today must be known today which makes our platform effective and has an upper hand over newspapers. This is why Solomon Fresh-Beat should be your new advertising medium.
Led by an experienced team of professional journalists, this new online news service has a promising future and will surely soar.
With the arrival of the internet cable soon, this promises widespread and affordable internet services therefore those in Honiara, in the provinces and overseas will surely be depending on online news.

The future of your business rests with online advertising.
Solomon Fresh-Beat Online is offering you the chance to book one of the limited spaces on our closely followed website.

Advertising on Solomon Fresh-Beat Online allows you to: 

  • Reach thousands unique visitors both in and outside of the country everyday (over 5000 visitors a day) with an advert that clicks straight through to your website.
  • You can update your advert with your creative marketing at a moment’s notice for special promotions and time-sensitive occasions.
  • Get fixed and affordable rates for colour, moving and click through adverts.
  • Capture not only Honiara customers, but also those in the provinces and those living overseas including foreigners who are planning to visit here.
  • Be a part of the central news site for the people of all corners of the Solomons, as well as a vital community forum. Support independent news and help boost the local economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to create my own advert or does Solomon Fresh-Beat provide it?

If you have a graphics designer, then liaise with us to ensure a successful placement of your advert on our active Online Website, otherwise, just provide us with information, photos and or links you need to put on your advert and we can do the graphics designing free of charge for you.

How many people will see my advert on Solomon Fresh-Beat Online?

Solomon Fresh-Beat Online has established a firm foundation and mass following in the lead up to its launching.

Born on Facebook, SFB has already attracted almost 10,000 members and readers before diverting the attention of that mass following onto our newly created News Website.

Solomon Fresh-Beat Online’s readership and audience penetration is outstanding.

Why advertise on the Web?

As newspaper readership continues to decline, people are turning to the Internet as their primary news source. In fact, surveys conducted in our neighbouring developed countries found that the Web surpassed newspapers as an information source in 2008 — and use of the Web over newspapers has expanded rapidly, forcing many newspapers to reduce operations or close doors.

In the Solomon Islands, the digital era has just begin. In the past few years, more and more people were found to have turned to the Web for quick answers in terms of news, business and marketing. Mobile users in the Solomon Islanders has reached a whooping 58,000, 46 per cent of whom are active internet users – this is an overwhelming figure of over 26,000. Compared to newspapers, they only circulate 2000 to 3000 copies a day with some return (unsold).

As Solomon Islands prepare to connect to the outside world via the undersea cable (project progressing), there is certainly going to be a turnover in terms of news, advertising and marketing and internet user numbers.

There is evidence that more and more people are turning to the web as a living source of everything in the Solomon Islands.

Moreover, people who get their news from the Web tend to be younger and well educated, a sought-after demographic for businesses.

There isn’t a better way to reach a wider and unique audience than with an advertisement on Solomon Fresh-Beat Online.


How do I know this will work?

The success of a campaign depends on many factors including advert placement, creative copy and design. We recommend that you use your advert primarily to increase brand awareness.

Think of it as your billboard on Honiara’s busiest City Council traffic intersection – with the added value of driving traffic to your website over time, and the power to change your message on a regular basis.

That said, we will soon measure results with standard online advertising metrics and hope to receive positive feedback from our advertisers.

Do not hesitate to contact our Sales Representative on the following contacts if you want effective advertising for your business and to check out our attractive advertising packages:

Ph: (677) 7894375 or (677) 8925155

Email: online@solomonfreshbeat.com.sb

Or Write to us via PO Box 2297, Honiara, Solomon Islands.

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