Police are offering a $100,000 reward to anyone for information leading to the arrest of those behind the 2014 shooting and arson attack on the Sun Express boat at Mbike Island, Gela, in Central Province.
Police Commissioner Frank Prendergast said the cooperation of the public is sought to establish the identity of the person or persons responsible for the shooting and arson that had occurred on 9 December 2014.
“There have been a number of persons arrested in relation to this matter,” Mr Prendergast said.
But he said police believe there may be others who may have had involvement who are yet to be identified.
So far five people, including one woman, have been arrested and charged with various offences.
They include attempted murder, wilful and unlawful damage of property, attempt to destroy property by explosives, possession of firearm without firearm licence, possession of ammunition without firearm licence, discharging firearm in public, arson and aiding and abetting.
The accused are on bail awaiting trial in the High Court.
“A reward of up to $100,000 or part thereof will be paid at the discretion of the Commissioner of Police and executive panel, for information leading to the apprehension and prosecution of the person or persons responsible for the shooting,” Mr Prendergast said.
“Any information given will be treated as confidential,” he added.
“Information can be report to the Royal Solomon Islands Police on a special reward number, 20371, between the hours of 8am and 8pm, seven days a week.
“The phone line will be open from 17 November 2016 until 25 November 2016.”
The police chief added that the persons with information should note that the offering of a reward is not payment for information.
He said payment would not be made for information at the time of when received.
“Payment will be made at the conclusion of the prosecution of the offenders which means it would be sometime before payment is made.
“Any person providing information should be prepared to make a statement and give evidence in could.
“If they have concerns about that they should ring the number provided and discussed it with us,” Mr Prendergast said.
He further added that no promise will be made to a person about the payment as the information provided needs to be evaluated properly before any offer of payment can be considered.
“All information will be recorded against any other information we currently hold.
“If a person has fears about their safety they need to provide details of the threats and why they held those fears to us at that time they speak to us.”
Mr Prendergast assured that all efforts will be made to ensure the safety of any person who provides information and the confidentiality.
He said this is a reward for information that leads to arrest and prosecution.
“We are looking forward to hearing from people and we know people in the community have information and a $100,000 is a significant reward.
“The RSIPF is working very hard on this case for two years and I believe we are in a good position to understand what has occurred.
“We are looking for anyone out there who hasn’t come forward today to now come forward.”
The police chief said this is to support police’s ongoing investigation but with expectation that there are people who have information that has not yet come forward.
The incident at Mbike occurred on the early hours of 9 December 2014 when 17 newly elected members of the parliament were on a retreat at the Mbike resort.
Some men went on a boat and fired a number of shots at the Sun Express boat.
Those men later threw petrol onto the boat and set the petrol on fire.
Following the attack the offenders left the scene.